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04 Aug 2017

Photo of the month – July 17

July marks end of school, and with that comes many fun, extra activities – concerts, outings & sports days!  We love capturing the action, challenges & achievements at sports day!  This is one of last years’ highlights … but watch out for this year’s Super Sports Day photo-book coming soon!

04 Aug 2017

News update – July 2017

Keep your eyes peeled – We’ve had a re-vamp at Goose Green Photography and our new website will be going live in August.  Watch this space for our new portfolio, new services, online booking facility & special offers!

10 Jul 2017

Photo of the month – June 17

This is one of our all-time favourite images … it took hours of chasing bumble bees and lots of patience!  But we think the final result was well worth the effort!  If you like this image, pop over to our online shop where we have a similar Bumble bee image available for sale as stunning Wall Art.

18 Jun 2017

Photo of the month – May 17

Twins are like a portrait photographers dream and when these adorable twins came along for a photoshoot it really was a lot of fun!  No such thing as “Double-Trouble” here … these little angels were as good as gold (except for a few cheeky faces at the end!)  Thank you T & T for coming to have your photo taken!

05 May 2017

Photo of the month – April 17

We came across an image of this mysterious looking bridge and had to track it down … and we found it!  It proudly stands in a beautiful valley in Prior Park in Bath with stunning views of the city around it.  We could not resist capturing this wonderful landscape and sharing it with you!

05 Apr 2017

Photo of the month – March 17

We really got mouths watering when this image came along … we couldn’t wait for the photo shoot to be over so we could all tuck in! Yum!

05 Mar 2017

Photo of the month – February 17

Here is our favourite photo for February.   We are “watch”ing this space – New website on its way…

05 Feb 2017

Photo of the month – January 17

Photo of the month is the steel works at Port Talbot in South Wales.  Clear evening with light winds made for interesting effects on the steam and smoke.  The factory that never sleeps.  Its future still hangs in the balances…  What the future holds for this great steel works, no one knows!  It was very rewarding to get such a dramatic shot!