First Birthday & Cake Smash Photography

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See-Me-Grow Package

Before you know it your new baby will be celebrating their first birthday, and wow, what a change there’s been in that first year!  From a tiny, helpless newborn, to a sitting, crawling baby that will laugh & coo!

The See-Me-Grow package includes 4 photoshoots sessions throughout baby’s first year, booked for newborn, 3-4 months, 6-9 months and 1 year – or as near to these ages as possible.  You’ll be amazed as you compare the images of your growing baby from one session to the next – just a few months apart!

To save with the See-Me-Grow program, it must be booked before the arrival of your baby or at your newborn photo shoot session. This will also ensure you are given priority of dates for the later sessions.  Any baby photo sessions booked after this time will all be charged at individual session rates.

First Birthday Cake Smash

What better way to celebrate Baby’s first birthday than their very own cake smash session?  After all the hurdles and emotions of the first year, it’s great to relax while Baby has some fun and is actually allowed to make a mess, at the same time as we capture some ultra cute pictures of your little one!  Lasting approximately 1 hour, the first half of the session is devoted to getting baby used to the studio and capturing photos of them just as they are; the second half the session is when we bring in the cake…

Cake Smash sessions for Baby’s first birthday are a growing trend in the UK, originating from America.  Often folks ask ‘what is the point?’ and really it’s just extremely fun and a great way to get some celebratory photos as baby turns 1!  Their first birthday is a really important mile-stone because really it marks the end of the ‘baby’ stage before your little one becomes a toddler, so we see it as the last chance to capture all that ‘baby-cuteness’!  Giving them a cake to smash is the perfect way to let baby enjoy themselves and rule the show for a few minutes!

First Birthday Cake Smash sessions take place at our home in Bristol, so that you can give baby a bath after the session!  We will provide all the decorations and props for your set, and match these to your chosen colour scheme.  You are required to bring the Cake, Outfit for your baby, Clean clothes for you/your baby to go home in (yes, there’s a chance you may get messy too!), and towel/bath things for baby as required.

Siblings can also join in the fun and celebration, so feel free to bring them along!  Please bear in mind that not every baby likes being given a cake – some love it, but some may even be scared or burst into tears!  However your baby reacts, we’ll try to help baby have some fun and ensure we get photos that look like they are enjoying the cake even if they aren’t!


See-Me-Grow Package


4 Separate Photography Sessions

(Newborn, 3-4 months, 6-9 months, 1 year)

1 Complimentary Edited Image at each session


See-Me-Grow Package Upgraded


4 Separate Photography Sessions, including Cake smash at final session

(Newborn, 3-4 months, 6-9 months, 1 Year Cake smash)

1 Complimentary Edited Image at each session


First Birthday Cake Smash


Approx. 1 hour Baby Photo session with birthday props provided in your chosen colour scheme

1 Complimentary Edited Image


Purchase Additional Images

You will receive 1-2 free complimentary images from your photo-shoot, depending on which package you purchase.  To view and purchase the rest of your photos, we will give you a unique log in to our client galleries where you can view all of the images from your session.  You will then be able to choose your favourite photos to be included in one of the following image packages, which will be sent to you on a quality USB drive.  Printed images and wall art are available via our shop, and don’t forget our design service which can create a beautiful album of your special memories and baby announcement cards to send to your friends & family.

Please visit our shop to purchase photo prints and wall art, made from your favourite photos!