Birthday Boy B was the first lucky winner of a Cake Smash session Give-away!

Birthday Boy B was the first lucky winner of a Cake Smash session Give-away!  Congratulations Baby B and thanks for choosing us to take your photos again!

Ever wondered how a birthday cake smash session works out?  Well, here’s how…

First we get used to the lights flashing bright; and the camera that’s clicking with all its might.

So we start off with smart dress and siblings in-tow, for some cuddles and kisses, and toes in a row;


And when we’re relaxed and happy to smile, we’ll concentrate on baby for the next little while.

We play with balloons, and baubles too, in colours that match, like pink or blue.

We love all expressions, thoughtful and wise,

But just look at baby’s big innocent eyes!

Remember to look out for Baby’s new teeth, that are sure to be causing a few nights without sleep!

Next we will see baby standing up tall, and pretending he’s no longer a baby at all!

We’ll play for a while, have all sorts of fun; sometimes with letters that spell number ONE.

And now is the time we’ve been waiting for … we bring in the cake – there’s more fun in store!

While mum brings it in, we watch baby’s face, to capture the moment and the reaction they make!

…unfortunately this time we had a teardrop or two, but it didn’t last long before he was curious too!


And discovering cake with great delight; it’s sticky and sweet – What a wonderful sight!!!!

There may well be icing on cheeks, lips and nose, on tummy and fingers and even on toes!


With some bashing and smashing, we cannot be sure…


we may even end up with the cake on the floor!


Happy Birthday baby B – we know you enjoyed your cake and hope you enjoy your photos for ever after!

Thinking of booking a cake smash session?  We hold the session approximately 3 weeks in advance to baby’s birthday, to make sure all the editing, selecting and purchasing is completed in time for you to have your photos ready for the big day.  Sessions can be booked up to 6 months in advance (date will be tentatively booked and confirmed nearer the time).

CLICK HERE to see the Birthday Cake Smash portfolio.  CLICK HERE to book a Birthday Cake Smash session.

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