Bluebell Baby!

Some of our sessions really deserve a special mention and this is one of those!  A photo shoot in Bluebell Woods.

There’s something about that special blue carpet in the woodlands that creates a most mysterious atmosphere … you might almost have just stepped into a wonderful fairy-tale for real!

And what could be more wonderful than this:

A beautiful baby in a beautiful place,

With a delicate smile on her pretty face!

A little girl sitting among bells of blue,

Dreaming of fairies (perhaps?!) and ‘dreams that come true’!

But that takes a lot of thought for a Baby Belle

If her dreams will come true, only time will tell!

So meanwhile we’ll sit and enjoy the scene,

With the cutest Bluebell Baby there ever has been!

With beautiful lashes framing those deep brown eyes,

And a cute wonky smile to send our hearts to the skies!

Thanks for joining us in the Bluebell Woods, little Bluebell Baby!

We sure did enjoy it and we think you did too! 😉

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